Key Considerations in Exit Planning: Your Guide to a Successful Transition

Discover the four stages of every successful transition plan in this comprehensive e-book.
Exit Planning

Key Takeaways

  • Most businesses are not adequately prepared nor positioned to sell when a buyer approaches them.
  • Proactive planning is crucial and an exit plan has many moving parts so it’s never too early to begin preparing.
  • While every individual journey will be unique, there are four key stages we encourage you to focus on as you plan for a successful exit.

The Importance of Early Exit Planning

Selling your business is a significant transaction, yet most founder-owned businesses are often unprepared when approached by buyers. Preparing to exit involves a series of choices and assessments, and it's a process that benefits from ample time. Early preparation is crucial, as it's the foundation for a successful sale process with many moving parts.

As you plan for the transition, there will be numerous decisions to make, and these decisions will lead to others. While each journey is unique, there are four key stages to prioritize when planning for a successful exit.

We've developed a comprehensive e-book for business owners to help you prepare and navigate your exit planning journey.

The e-book provides actionable insight, and you'll learn:

  • The four stages of exit planning
  • Why proactive preparation is key
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