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There’s No Perfect Plan: Wealth Transition Concerns When Exit Planning

August 18, 2022 | Podcast

There are many considerations when it comes to selling your business. But you should never overlook the financial implications for the present and in the future. Many business owners who are moving into retirement choose to sell their business and that sale needs to fund their financial goals for many years to come. It will also fund the goals they have for their estate when it’s passed down to their family.

Ensuring you have a plan that can reach these goals in an efficient and flexible manner is complex process that takes time and guidance.

Ava Archibald, Principal-in-Charge of Wealth Transition Services at Eide Bailly, joins the EB & Flow podcast to discuss what business owners need to know about the financial concerns in a sale and how they can create a plan that maximizes the benefits for both the owner and their family.

“I always say the key to a successful estate plan is implementation. You can draft the best plan, but if it’s not followed through, and you don’t implement the plan down the road, or take the right steps after the fact, all that planning you did on the front end could be for nothing.”

– Ava Archibald, Eide Bailly

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Clinton Laron
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Eide Bailly


Ava Archibald
Principal-in-Charge | Wealth Transition Services
Eide Bailly

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