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There’s No Perfect Plan: Wealth Transition Concerns When Exit Planning

August 18, 2022
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Many business owners choose to sell their business to secure their financial well-being during retirement and to achieve the goals they have for their family’s estate. Ensuring you have a plan that can reach these goals in an efficient and flexible manner is a complex process that takes time and guidance.

In this episode of the EB & Flow podcast, we are joined by Ava Archibald, former Principal-in-Charge of Wealth Transition Services at Eide Bailly. She delves into the critical financial considerations business owners should be aware of when preparing for sale and offers insights on crafting a comprehensive plan that maximizes benefits for both the owner and their family.

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Clinton Larson

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Ava Archibald, EA, Principal/Wealth Transition Practice Leader | Eide Bailly
Ava specializes in helping clients plan for the future success and prosperity of their businesses and families. Since 2006, she has provided Eide Bailly clients with her expertise in transition and estate planning, as well as gift and fiduciary compliance and overall financial planning.

Key Considerations in Exit Planning 

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