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January 24, 2024
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In this episode of “The Art of Dental Finance and Management,” Art Wiederman meets with Dennis Marvel, Director of Fortune50 to discuss current market shifts and how you can grow your dental practice to be in the top 1%.

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About the Host

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Art Wiederman, CPA, Director of Dental Practices | Eide Bailly
Art specializes in serving dental practices. He oversees a variety of services including accounting, tax compliance and planning, financial planning, retirement planning, and financial practice management consulting. Art’s expertise is not only in taxation issues for dentists, but also in his knowledge of dental practice metrics and benchmarks. Art has the ability to look at a dentist’s statements and identify profit holes in their practice.

About the Guest

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Dennis Marvel, AAMS, MTC, Director | Fortune50
Dennis is one of the nation’s leading authorities in the rapidly changing business of dentistry. Prior to Joining Fortune, Dennis acquired extensive business experience as a serial entrepreneur and through diverse positions in Fortune 50 financial firms. He has served as a Vice President of Dean Witter Reynolds, a Principal of the New York Stock Exchange, a Senior Vice President for American Express, the CEO of Tilt Inc., the Co-organizer of TEDx Seattle, and the Founder and CEO of the Inspirit Leadership Group.

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