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The Importance of Estate Planning for Dental Professionals

May 8, 2024
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More than two thirds of Americans do not have a proper estate plan in place. In this episode of The Art of Dental Finance and Management,” Art is joined by attorney Joshua Meier for a conversation about the importance of estate planning — particularly in the dental profession — and the key individuals and documents involved in developing an estate plan. Art and Joshua also discuss common challenges and misconceptions in estate planning and how to address them.

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About the Host

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Art Wiederman, CPA, Director of Dental Practices | Eide Bailly
Art specializes in serving dental practices. He oversees a variety of services including accounting, tax compliance and planning, financial planning, retirement planning, and financial practice management consulting. Art’s expertise is not only in taxation issues for dentists, but also in his knowledge of dental practice metrics and benchmarks. Art has the ability to look at a dentist’s statements and identify profit holes in their practice.

About the Guest

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Joshua Meier, Principal | Meier Law Firm
Joshua Meier is a California Estate Planning, Asset Protection, and Probate and Trust Administration Attorney. He is also the proud dad of four great kids. Joshua helps families meet their financial, legal, and moral obligations to their loved ones by creating estate, financial, and life plans that ensure their family’s complete protection and well-being. His approach gives families peace of mind and allows them to enjoy their family, grow their business, and achieve their dreams. He also ensures that his clients have access to the best practices and the latest technology, which gives families the best opportunity for success.

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