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Eide Bailly Financial Services Becomes Eide Bailly Wealth

October 4, 2023

Eide Bailly, a national certified public accounting and business advisory firm, is pleased to announce that Eide Bailly Financial Services became Eide Bailly Wealth on August 1, 2023.

“As we build on our purpose of elevating our clients, it’s critical that we are listening to their needs and working to offer solutions as a trusted advisor,” expressed Brad Kelley, Principal/Wealth. “Enhancing the team’s skillset and level of service allows us to better serve our clients by exceeding their expectations and providing a meaningful connection throughout their wealth journey.”

Eide Bailly Wealth is dedicated to creating a wealth-centric experience that addresses client goals as well as market trends.

Eide Bailly Wealth has built a strong reputation for helping business owners and high-net-worth families through significant life transitions and financial transactions. The name change encompasses Eide Bailly Wealth’s commitment to providing exceptional service to clients on their wealth journey.

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