Deseret News Reports on Importance of Cybersecurity in Business

Conference touts importance of cybersecurity for all businesses

Eide Bailly’s Director of Cybersecurity Services Anders Erickson attended the 2nd Annual Salt Lake City Chamber Cybersecurity Conference March 16. During an interview with Deseret News, he shared his insight about the importance of cybersecurity.

"The starting point is understanding where your risks are as an organization," he said. "(It's) understanding the environment that you work in and the type of activities that you do, and where those activities open up the organization to risk.” Companies need to take a "top-down" approach to cybersecurity, meaning executive leadership should proactively develop how individual firms set up their cyber protection programs rather than leaving it to information technology departments to react to threats as they happen.

"(It's) being able to enact the initiatives and the policies that create a culture within the organization where cybersecurity is an important aspect of how you do business and part of everyday life," he said.


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