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Affordable Housing Consulting Services

Affordable housing is a complex industry. There is a myriad of options to consider regarding acquiring, developing, subdividing, renting and selling affordable housing. To help maximize your benefits, work with a knowledgeable and experienced team of advisors who knows the industry and its regulations. Proper knowledge and planning can lead to increased confidence and efficiency.

It's important to understand your options, as well as what is needed for your specific situation. Careful planning and industry knowledge will allow you to truly understand the benefits and disadvantages of possible scenarios you may face. Each transaction is unique and necessitates a customized strategy. Be confident in your approach when you have our advisors leading you through the complexities.

Eide Bailly is experienced in the affordable housing industry. We can provide you with a variety of consulting services, including financial forecasts, feasibility studies, lending and financing reviews, explaining tax ramifications and more. Our advisors work closely with you to provide clarity, as well as help you understand the options you have with each of your affordable housing projects. This collaborative approach allows you to make informed decisions and take the best course of action for your specific situation.

Affordable Housing Audits

The right experience and understanding can ensure compliance and value. When a tax credit syndicator, HUD, Rural Development or state housing agency requires an audit of your affordable housing project, you’ll need more preparation than you would for a regular audit. You’ll need a timely audit, completed by a professional who understands your industry and its complexities.

Our professionals are well versed in the affordable housing industry can help complete your audit on time, save you money and provide added value through professional guidance. We perform over 700 audits within the affordable housing industry and have a relationship with several national and regional syndicators, giving us deep knowledge and understanding of the industry, including HUD and the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit. Our services to the affordable housing industry ensure that you have someone performing your audit who understands your goals and the issues you deal with on a daily basis.

Debt Restructuring

When it comes to affordable housing projects, financing is extremely important. Ultimately, lenders, investors and others involved with the initiatives need to know about your cash flow, risk and other financial details.

When the debt becomes unmanageable, it’s helpful to consider debt restructuring solutions to lessen some of the burden of debt. Finance professionals can help you understand your debt, as well as address ways to manage and improve it. That way, you can move beyond the issues and focus on your project goals.

Our experienced advisors strive to make you successful. We want you to achieve your goals, despite the burden of debt. We will meet with you to help you restructure your debt and make the payments more manageable. You’ll benefit from the relationships we’ve developed with financial institutions and we’ll work with you to reach an agreement with them. We can also help you identify other ways to reduce debt.

Low-Income Housing Tax Credit

The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program is highly competitive for affordable housing developers. To qualify, it requires submitting an application to the state where your project will operate. If accepted, you will be awarded credits by the state. However, in order to be awarded these credits, you must make certain promises about who you will rent to, as well as restrict the income limits of at least some tenants. It can be fairly complex.

Despite being difficult to navigate, the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit is vital to the success of your affordable housing project. It's crucial to find an experienced professional with a background in affordable housing to help you manage the complexity, so you can focus on your development’s success. We have the expertise to assist you throughout the process, as well as the ability to help you fully understand the commitments of the tax credit.

Technology Consulting

Our team has a variety of technology solutions to support your business operations. From powerful software to technology advisory services, we’re passionate about helping you do business more efficiently and profitably.

Navigating the affordable housing industry can be complex. Have the right team of advisors on your side.

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