Tax Reform & Legislation


Legislation may be complicated, but it doesn't have to be difficult

The words "tax reform" seem to be all over the news, along with ongoing discussions of potential new legislation. While there is often a lot of uncertainty surrounding this topic, it doesn't need to be a cause for stress. It should be a reason to stay informed of the potential decisions and new regulations enacted impacting your business. You just need a resource that will break down the various aspects of tax reform and ongoing legislation into digestible bits of information, to help you understand how they apply to your business and action items you may need to take given your specific facts and circumstances.

We can take the hassle out of understanding tax reform and legislation. Our professionals are constantly monitoring legislative activities and reviewing proposals so we can keep our clients aware of how proposed legislation may impact their business. We can help you understand what's on the horizon, and offer tips and suggestions on how to plan for future changes.

Let us know what legislation most concerns you. 

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Jeremy Hauk

Partner-in-Charge of Tax


Mel Schwarz

Director of Legislative Affairs


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