Sales Taxability Analysis


Safeguard your business against inaccurate tax increases.

Let's face it—sales tax can be confusing and downright overwhelming. If you work in multiple jurisdictions (states, counties, cities, etc.), each jurisdiction has different rules for how your products and services are taxed. It can be difficult to keep them straight, let alone comply. But when you break it down, it’s less daunting.


First, you’ll need to identify where and how you're doing business—that will help determine the applicable tax regulations that you need to follow. A taxability study can do just that. It analyzes your products/services and the jurisdictions where you work, and looks at it all like a tax auditor would to determine business and tax obligations. With a taxability analysis, you’ll have the tools to make better business decisions.

Eide Bailly can help you identify your product and service taxability. We work with you to understand the services and products you sell to provide an in-depth, detailed analysis of how a taxing jurisdiction might tax your business. We can provide full legal support, as well as comprehensive footnotes to support your decision if audited. 

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John Gupta

Principal-in-Charge of State and Local Tax


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