Nexus: Filing Requirement Compliance


Identify potential state tax filing requirements to stay in compliance.

If your business sells to customers or operates in multiple jurisdictions, you may be required to file additional tax returns. Generally speaking, nexus means connection. In relation to tax law, nexus occurs when a business has a connection to a state other than the one in which the business primarily resides. These connections could mean sales taking place in person, through third parties, or via the internet. Depending on how you're earning revenue, your business might be subject to income, franchise, gross receipts, business activities taxes and/or sales and use taxes.

A nexus study can help. Nexus studies analyze your unique business practices while looking at what you do to generate business across the country and help you identify your potential state tax filing requirements.

Our team will work with you to identify how various tax standards apply to your unique business. We'll advise you as you grow and provide filing recommendations and strategies. 


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Lauren Taylor

Tax Senior Manager


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