Are you expanding into the global market but finding that barriers such as language, international business regulations and tax laws are making it difficult to operate your international business smoothly?

Many organizations begin their business with a focus on becoming successful in their current markets and eventually expanding across state lines. As time goes on, however, they begin to look for ways to grow on a larger scale and cross international borders.

As your business expands across international borders, questions will arise related to the local market accounting, tax, payroll, legal and administrative services necessary to comply with international standards. It's a confusing and time-consuming process.

There will be no shortage of compliance factors, opportunities for improvement and potential risks. That’s why it’s important to have a trusted advisor on your side.

Why You Need an International Tax Advisor
International business is complex, and feet on the ground in the countries where you're doing business can help you:

  • make informed decisions
  • save money
  • set up better practices and procedures
  • comply with international tax rules and regulations

International business professionals can streamline your processes, improve structures, provide guidance and connect you with services and resources so you're successful as you grow globally.

Eide Bailly's dedicated international business professionals want to help you thrive. We can provide a full range of services to businesses looking to expand globally. Whether you need someone to handle your accounting, help ensure compliance with local tax laws, assist with payroll or legal solutions or make arrangements for administrative support, we've got you covered.

And our international resources extend beyond our doors—we're an independent member firm of HLB Global, a global advisory and accounting network that can provide you with the international business solutions you need to be successful in global markets.

What We Offer

International Tax

Worldwide connections can boost your business, and international tax professionals know it's vital to understand tax rules, regulations and markets so you stay compliant.

HLB Global

HLB is a worldwide global advisory and accounting network of independent professional accounting firms and business advisors with more than 27,000 professionals located in 745 offices across the world. These firms have built strong reputations in their markets, combining local expertise with a powerful international capability.

International Audit

You've expanded into an international market, and now due to industry compliance or a request from a third party, you need an audit. But where do you begin? You know you need an auditor with global knowledge who understands international standards. But it can be difficult to locate someone in an unfamiliar market. Eide Bailly’s professionals are familiar with international standards and have conducted audits for a variety of businesses around the world.

International Tax Help Desk

International tax desks are a great way to gain insight about foreign tax laws and customs via bilingual professionals. Through access to a global network, you can expect seamless integration between your home base and foreign branch.

China Services

China is full of opportunities for international business, but bridging that gap can be an intimidating leap for many business owners. Creating a strong network of professionals to help with the transition can help you avoid costly delays and challenges.

Eide Bailly’s International Tax team has a working knowledge of the China marketplace and a boots-on-the-ground network that can help you make a confident step toward doing business in China. We’ve helped businesses with planning, setup, compliance and reporting requirements, as well as choosing the best entity to use, including the Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) in China.

With advice, guidance and strategy, international expansion and business operations don’t have to be a headache.

Let’s talk.