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Your business is expanding across international borders and you have questions related to the local market accounting, tax, payroll, legal and administrative services to comply with international standards. It's a confusing and time consuming process. When growing your business internationally, the thought of trying to locate business services in a new market can be incredibly daunting--which is what makes a one-stop shop of outsourced services appealing for businesses. Outsourced services answers your questions and prepares your business for international growth and compliance.

We can provide a full range of services to businesses looking to expand globally. Whether you need someone to handle your accounting, help ensure compliance with local tax laws, assist with payroll, legal solutions, or make arrangements for administrative support, we've got you covered. Through our involvement in HLB International and our combined international business services group we can serve as a one-stop shop for your international business and compliance needs. 

Visit http://hlbibs.com/ or call Shannon to learn more.

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Shannon M. Lemmon

Partner-in-Charge of International Tax


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