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With the right team behind you, you'll feel confident about doing business internationally.

With the right team behind you, you'll feel confident about doing business internationally.

Worldwide connections can boost your business, and international tax professionals know it's vital to understand tax rules, regulations and markets so you stay compliant. International business professionals can streamline your processes, improve structures, provide guidance and connect you with services and resources so you're successful as you grow globally.

Eide Bailly's dedicated international tax professionals want to help you thrive. Whether you need help with inbound or outbound tax planning, transfer pricing or an IC-DISC, we’ve got you covered. And our international resources extend beyond our doors — we're an independent member firm of HLB Global, so we can connect you with professionals worldwide who work and live in the markets where you do business. 

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October 9, 2020
Firm News
HLB International was recently named Network of the Year in the 2020 Digital Accountancy Awards!
April 4, 2019
Transfer pricing is a proactive way to address tax concerns and minimize tax burdens for businesses operating internationally.
August 28, 2018
Recently, more companies in the manufacturing industry are becoming involved in foreign transactions, including exporting. However, many are not aware that they can improve their cash flow and reduce their U.S. tax liability through the use of the …
October 8, 2015
Many entrepreneurs begin their business with a focus on becoming successful in their current markets and eventually expanding across state lines. As time goes on, they may test their business concept across international borders. Many U.S. companies …
April 3, 2014
Does your company’s marketing strategy include doing business in Canada, understanding the Canadian tax system and knowing how the U.S./Canada treaty interacts with business?

Are you expanding into the global market and finding that barriers such as language, international business regulations and tax laws are making it difficult to operate your business smoothly?

Eide Bailly can help. We’re a member of HLB Global, the global advisory and accounting network, and can provide you with the international business solutions you need to be successful in global markets.


Shannon M. Lemmon
Shannon M. Lemmon
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