Hotline Engagement Form


Hotline Engagement Form

We, the undersigned, agree to use the Hotline and have it available to all employees. Any information called into the hotline will be made available to us in Hotline Report within two working days of the information being received by Eide Bailly LLP. We understand the hotline is a relay of information and Eide Bailly LLP makes no assumption or conclusion as to the truthfulness of the information received. Any follow-up requested of Eide Bailly LLP would require a separate engagement letter.

We agree to perform the following functions related to our services in connection with this engagement:

  • Make all management decisions and perform all management functions.
  • Designate a competent individual to oversee the services.
  • Evaluate the adequacy and results of the services performed.
  • Accept responsibility for the results of the services.
  • Establish and maintain internal controls, including monitoring ongoing activities.

The following individuals will be our contacts for reported information:

(ex. 1234567890)

A Hotline Report summarizing the information received will be sent to the above designated contacts.

Billing Address:

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An Email will be produced for your records and emailed to the email address of the first contact.