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24/7 Data Breach Response Hotline

Gain peace of mind knowing that your business is prepared if you come under attack.

The worst time to think about how to respond to a cybersecurity breach is when you are under attack, and for most businesses, an attack is not a matter of "if," but "when." Proper planning is the key to knowing how to react when the worst happens. With a plan in place, you'll be prepared to respond effectively and efficiently.

If you're experiencing an attack, your first responders should be prepared to address your business's unique incident. Ideally, they'll use their background in cyber investigations and digital forensics to uncover what happened while preserving evidence in the case of legal action. They should perform disaster recovery and business continuity measures to keep your business running.

Eide Bailly’s incident response professionals bring unique skillsets shaped by their backgrounds in computer forensics, investigative techniques and cybersecurity. We’ll work closely with you in a responsive, supportive manner to understand your needs and safeguard your business.

We take a defensible stance in our methodology so that you not only get back up and running after a breach, but also have evidence preserved so that if you have to defend yourself in court, you will be ready.

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Trent L. Leavitt

Digital Forensics & eDiscovery Manager


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