Shareholder Agreements


A shareholder agreement should protect your interests.

As a shareholder, you deserve to have confidence in the fair market value of your business interests and peace of mind knowing that these interests are protected.

A valuation can help determine a fair price for shares, whether a partner or shareholder wants to buy or sell.

Valuation specialists can also:
  - Examine buy/sell agreements
  - Conduct appraisals
  - Ensure that buy/sell agreements are current, funded, fair and workable in order to avoid prolonged litigation or the demise of the business

Our business valuation team has the experience and knowledge to review your buy/sell agreement and provide recommendations for improvements. If needed, we can conduct an appraisal of your company’s stock to provide stockholders an estimate of their shares and their investment in the company to ensure that they are getting the best deal.

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Chad M. Flanagan

Partner-in-Charge of Business Valuation


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