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Thomas H. MadisonCPA, CFA

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Thomas H. Madison
Client service is providing practical, thorough, thoughtful solutions for my clients in a timely and responsive manner. The most rewarding part of my job is helping my clients succeed.

Thomas has public accounting experience since 2001, providing services to industries including trust companies, nonprofit, foundations, construction, manufacturing, aggregates, and wholesale and retail companies. He provides public accounting services to more than 120 organizations.

Thomas helps the people he works with better understand their circumstances and organization. He often makes matters that are invisible to the decision makers visible, so they can make better decisions.

When Thomas is not counting beans, he is helping his dad and brother grow beans (and corn, oats and alfalfa) on the family farm where he grew up, so their dairy cows can have a balanced and nutritious diet. He also enjoys traveling with his family -- preferably to warm, tropical destinations.