Paul Schulz
Paul J. Schulz
Senior Manager

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Paul J. Schulz
Senior Manager
Improving the patient experience and using healthcare resources better go hand in hand. Let us help you find ways to accomplish those objectives working with your culture and community needs.

Paul works with healthcare process improvement system design and implementation, developing processes and systems that mobilize data for front line work flow improvement. He reviews current process improvement team functionality within the healthcare organization and develops tools that merge multiple organizational initiatives. Paul also develops and delivers leadership coaching and education relating to implementation of strategic and organizational improvement initiatives. He works with Real Time Locating Software (RTLS) strategies and implementation, develops project management models for healthcare organizations, and develops and implements communication models for cross functional use.

Innovation sometimes needs a spark. You can expect process improvement ideas from Paul based on data pulled from your organization and aligned with your strategy.

As his family gets older, it seems that time moves more quickly, so Paul likes to be outside and do activities with the kids, when they can. You are never too old for s'mores and bonfires at the lake!