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Mike R. Criddle
As a trusted business advisor to my clients, I am passionate about developing relationships built on trust and providing value through my unique training and experience with US tax law.

As a leader in Eide Bailly's International Tax Services Group, Michael provides expertise on issues surrounding international taxation. He has experience advising both U.S. companies that are looking to expand abroad, as well as non-US companies looking to expand into the US. Additionally, Michael has experience with foreign investment, as well as employment issues businesses often face when sending employees abroad.

When you work with Michael, you get a partner with the expertise needed to keep you and your business compliant with all U.S. and international tax laws and compliance regulations. With skill and efficiency, he will help you navigate the many challenges of dealing with multiple jurisdictional tax regimes.

Outside of work, it's hard to pin Mike down. He's got a large family, including three adopted children from Ukraine and Ethiopia, so much of his free time is spent as a doting, devoted family man. He enjoys snowboarding, cooking and a variety of other sports ... all at a skill level ranging from amateurish to hilarious, depending on which family member you ask.