Kari Yonke
Kari M. YonkeCSC, FCRA Basic Certification, FCRA Advanced Certification, PI Analyst
HR Consulting Senior Manager

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Kari M. Yonke
HR Consulting Senior Manager
Being part of Eide Bailly has helped me grow professionally and personally. The opportunities and challenges have helped me become a trusted advisor to our clients in both placement recruiting and employment background check services.

Kari provides HR consulting services to clients in the area of placement search services, including crafting job descriptions, screening resumes and conducting interviewing, as well as coaching clients throughout the entire hiring process.

When you work with Kari to help build out a team, you will have experience and expertise on your side. Kari strives to ensure your professional needs are being met so your business goals can be achieved with the right employees in place.

When not in the office, Kari likes to make the most of the upper Midwest's short summers by soaking up the sun on the golf course, at the campground and on her bike. She also loves to get involved and watch her kids' activities.