Jeremy Kiecker
Jeremy D. KieckerCPA
Partner/ Audiology Accounting Services

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Jeremy D. Kiecker
Partner/ Audiology Accounting Services
I developed a strong work ethic growing up on a farm that’s been in my family for over 130 years. I’ve learned that owning any business, including a farm, is tough work. You can’t just punch a clock and expect longevity and success; you must be plugged into your business at all times and surround yourself with a strong network of professionals that share your ambitions. Since starting my public accounting career in 2001, my calming presence has been the sounding board that keeps clients grounded. The clarity I provide helps them make better financial management decisions, leading to continued success.

Jeremy provides outsourced accounting services to Audiologists and hearing aid dispensers throughout the US allowing them to do what they do best. These services lead to timely and accurate financial discussions so the practice owners understand how their business is performing on a monthly basis.

Jeremy enjoys finding ways to help practice owners understand the finances of their business so they can make better financial management decisions and be successful. His calming presence helps keep clients grounded in an oftentimes chaotic business environment.

Jeremy is oftentimes busy with his children’s school and sporting activities. When spare time does present itself, he likes to go to the North Shore or to his family farm to enjoy some quiet time with family.