Jared Mack
Jared D. MackCPA
Senior Manager

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Jared D. Mack
Senior Manager
I enjoy developing relationships with clients I work with, not only on a business level but a personal level as well. Building a layer of trust that gives clients the confidence to reach out to me with a question or just to talk is one of the most enjoyable parts of my job.

Jared helps clients improve their processes and controls. He serves as a technical resource throughout the year to help clients ensure they are implementing standards appropriately and recording unusual or infrequent transactions in accordance with appropriate criteria.

Clients can expect Jared to provide accessibility and timely service. Jared takes an active interest in his clients and appreciates the relationships that are built, not only during the year-end audit, but throughout the entire year.

Outside of work, you might find Jared on a lake fishing or ice fishing, or out in the field hunting somewhere in North Dakota. Jared also frequents the golf course. He is a huge sports fan, and football is his favorite, so you may also find him attending a local sporting event at the high school or college level.