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Having a CPA on your side is an invaluable asset—even when it’s not tax season! Lots of people who are searching for accounting in Plainview, TX think that having a bookkeeper or doing it yourself is sufficient for their business needs. However, time and experience show that having the help of a certified public accountant can not only protect your business from risk but also help you plan ahead.

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We like to think of ourselves as advisors first and providers second. Our team is ready to help you with whatever you face.

Plainview Leadership

Russell Guthrie

Russell A. GuthrieCPA

Partner/Texas Market Leader

Since 1984, Russell has been providing public accounting services, including tax planning and preparation for individuals, corporations and partnerships, with emphasis of financing work with financial institutions, oil and gas, agriculture and service companies. As a managing partner, Russell is the face of the firm within the community.