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Your organization’s finances and accounts are critical to your success. Hiring an outsourced accountant in Las Vegas enables you to get your numbers on track and spend more time on other areas of your business.

Tax preparation in Las Vegas is only one part of managing your financial data and leveraging it to identify new growth opportunities and reduce inefficiencies within your business. At Eide Bailly, we provide comprehensive Las Vegas accounting for SMEs and large organizations. We are a team of CPAs that can ensure you remain compliant, offer CFO experience, and improve the efficiency of your finances.

Your financial data tells your story. Gain a greater understanding of where your business stands and the direction it’s headed. From one-time projects to full-time tax services in Las Vegas, take advantage of cutting-edge resources and in-depth expertise that can take your business to the next level.

Having a CPA on your side is an invaluable asset—even when it’s not tax season! Lots of people who are searching for accounting in Las Vegas, NV think that having a bookkeeper or doing it yourself is sufficient for their business needs. However, time and experience show that having the help of a certified public accountant can not only protect your business from risk but also help you plan ahead.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at what a CPA is and how a CPA’s skills can help your business thrive.

What is a CPA?

According to Investopedia, a certified public accountant is “… a certification given by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, to individuals who pass the Uniform CPA Examination.” This examination is administered by each state, which gives licensure to CPAs.

Moreover, there are several requirements needed in order to become a CPA. One must have at least 150 semester hours of education behind them, must have worked in public accounting for at least 2 years, and must continue to attain a specific number of hours of yearly education to maintain their status. CPAs are not simply new accounting graduates, but experienced professionals.

CPAs also have legal responsibilities and privileges due to their status. This is somewhat similar to the privileges of a lawyer or other licensed professional. Many accounting and financial services positions have CPA licensure as a requirement. These requirements apply to accountants in Las Vegas, Nevada.

How Can a Las Vegas CPA Help You?

Having a certified public accountant on hand can greatly help your business. They can guide your business financials and show you how to navigate the ins and outs of everything from taxes to audits and more.

A CPA in the Las Vegas area can assist you with the following:

  • Tax preparation
    This is the most well-known service that CPAs provide. CPAs are experts with tax preparation and can be immensely helpful in lowering your state and federal tax bills.
  • Internal audits and bookkeeping
    A CPA can be hugely helpful in ensuring you have an accurate view of all the business processes in your company. In addition, they can help maintain accurate tracking of your books and transactions on a regular basis.
  • Business valuation and financial planning
    Certified Professional Accountants are experts at helping business owners plan for the future. A CPA’s skills can help you accurately evaluate your business. They can also provide counsel on how to keep your business stable, including cash flow management and investment services.
  • Forensic accounting
    If you need help in tracking down unexplained transactions or in discovering fraud, a Las Vegas CPA is the person you need on your side. Using investigative accounting techniques, a forensic accountant can help you find the source of your loss. As one of the most trusted forensic accounting firms in Las Vegas, we can help you navigate any difficulties that arise.
  • Litigation assistance
    Once you’ve discovered evidence of internal loss or a contract breach, a Las Vegas CPA is the person you need on your side. A trained CPA can work with legal counsel to make sure that you are successful in your litigation efforts. If you are suffering from theft or other bad-faith actors, a CPA is an invaluable member of your courtroom team.

Las Vegas CPA Services Provided by Eide Bailly

Eide Baily has worked with business owners for years. As such, Eide Bailly is among the top accounting firms in Las Vegas, NV. We provide:

Our wide array of services can help any business, large or small, succeed. When choosing from accounting firms in Las Vegas, Eide Bailly should be your first choice!

Why Choose Eide Bailly?

There are many different CPA firms in Las Vegas, Nevada you can choose from. However, Eide Bailly stands out because we provide you with start to finish, top to bottom professional accounting services for all aspects of your business. Moreover, Eide Bailly is registered with the Nevada Board of Accountancy and has operated since 1917.

At Eide Bailly, we see ourselves as your lifetime partner, not simply a vendor. We can help you start a new business from the ground up and offer you professional support from our team. This enables your business to succeed from the very beginning. Since our team knows your business from all positions, we’ll be able to supply you with the services you need to achieve your long-term business goals. Our emphasis is on long-term partnership at Eide Bailly, not just providing one-off services. With that in mind, Eide Bailly is your Nevada accounting firm of choice.

Eide Bailly is Your Las Vegas CPA Solution

If you’re looking for Las Vegas CPA firms, Eide Bailly is your solution. We never stop in our quest to provide the widest and deepest array of accountancy and professional services to anyone searching for an accountant in Las Vegas, NV. Contact us if you need any of the above services, or if you simply need a trusted accountant in Las Vegas.

Get Started With Eide Bailly Today

At Eide Bailly, you’re more than just a client. Understanding you and your business is at the heart of what we do. Eide Bailly offers comprehensive accounting and business consulting in Las Vegas to forward-thinking businesses looking to streamline their operations and reach their goals.

Avoid the time and resources spent hiring an internal team to manage your finances by partnering with an Eide Bailly Las Vegas accountant. From transition planning for when life gets busy to managing your business estate with big-picture financial services, Eide Bailly does it all.

Equip your organization with state-of-the-art digital and cloud-based solutions that allow you to track the numbers, forecast your finances, and meet your tax obligations.

Getting started with your accountant in Las Vegas begins with a consultation. Fill out our contact form and connect with an Eide Bailly CPA today.

Tax Services Las Vegas FAQs

At Eide Bailly, we offer modern tax services to address today’s business challenges. We also aim to empower our clients by providing them with helpful resources that lets them review, plan, and seize the day.

Not sure our services are for you? Here are the answers to some of the most common questions people have about CPA firms in Las Vegas.

What is tax planning?

The weight of federal, state, and corporation taxes are the biggest liabilities most businesses face. Tax planning has the sole aim of minimizing your tax burden and ensuring that more of your organization’s funds are put towards company growth.

The tax planning process includes analyzing your current financial situation and your business structure to determine where savings can be made.

Your Las Vegas CPA will examine every aspect of your organization and make targeted recommendations for how you can lower your tax burdens. Some common strategies include income timing, purchasing timing, and expenditure planning.

In some scenarios, restructuring your business entirely can empower your brand to meet your tax obligations while saving you tens of thousands of dollars. Our experts can help you make the right choices for your finances.

Why should I hire a CPA instead of an accountant?

Accountants and CPAs are not the same thing. Qualified accountants can manage many aspects of your finances, such as bookkeeping and preparing your taxes. However, an accountant doesn’t have the same expertise as a CPA.

CPAs must be licensed to practice and need to fulfill several requirements, including completing an examination and post-graduate study. CPAs are experts in their field, enabling them to produce audited financial statements and represent you in front of the IRS during tax audits.

All CPAs are qualified accountants, but not all qualified accountants are CPAs. Working with a CPA means gaining access to greater knowledge and deeper expertise.

How much do your services cost?

Eide Bailly offers both one-time and ongoing services. Many of our clients choose to retain our team of Las Vegas tax accountants full-time to perform a range of functions.

Pricing depends on the type and scope of services. We pride ourselves on being partners to our clients, not vendors. Our quotes are tailored according to our client’s needs, so we always first engage our future partners through a consultation.

Find out how much accountancy and tax services from Eide Bailly cost with a tailored quote. Schedule your consultation now to learn more.

What are the benefits of outsourced accounting?

Many business owners hire an internal accounting team and create dedicated accountancy branches within their organizations. However, this can quickly become expensive and time-consuming. The time and cost of hiring an internal dream team include finding the correct candidate, onboarding, paying a full-time salary, providing employee benefits, and offering opportunities for continuous professional development.

There are significant benefits to hiring a dedicated accountant in Las Vegas to manage your financial affairs. Outsourcing your accounting eliminates these functions, maintains a compact workforce, and allows you to pick and choose the services you require when you require them. At Eide Bailly, we offer guaranteed expertise from a dedicated Las Vegas accountant with a fair, transparent pricing structure.

If you want to save time and money without compromising service quality, contact us to learn more about outsourcing your accounting to Eide Bailly.

How can a Las Vegas accountant help me grow my business?

At Eide Bailly, we can help you grow your business on two fronts:

  • Our Las Vegas tax preparation packages can mitigate your tax burden. We pinpoint government tax credits you may be eligible for, including research and development, discuss tax-saving investments, and make suggestions to make your company more agile. Your accountant can also manage your income and expenses to reduce your overall tax bill.
  • Our CPAs can also identify opportunities for future growth. Targeted investments fuel business growth. Some of the other functions your CPA can support include financial forecasting and investment analysis.

Secure the future of your business by staying on the path of continuous growth. Engaging an outsourced CPA firm in Las Vegas can rejuvenate your business by bringing fresh ideas and new perspectives into your organization. Not to mention decades of experience in managing business financials.

I already have an internal accounting team, can I still use your services?

Absolutely! Eide Bailly can integrate into your existing team for tax and consultancy purposes. Many businesses opt to have several accountants handling various aspects of their organizations. For example, you can choose an accountant responsible chiefly for bookkeeping operations and tax preparation, whereas another accountant may focus on payroll or investments.

Whether it makes sense depends on your set-up and what you want to achieve. Speak to our team to learn more about how we can work with your existing accounting department to achieve your goals.

Can you help me with an IRS tax audit?

Getting audited by the IRS can be a nerve-racking experience for even the most experienced entrepreneur. If you are selected for an IRS audit, you must be prepared to accommodate complicated requests while still running your business as usual.

You need an accountant in Las Vegas who can stand by you, as accountants are not qualified to represent you as part of a tax audit. The IRS specifically identifies qualified CPAs as professionals permitted to communicate with the IRS on your behalf, give a statement at a meeting as your representative, submit documents, and provide written tax advice.

Regardless of why you have been audited, your Eide Bailly CPA can represent you and guide you through the process from start to finish.

Does Eide Bailly offer business tax consulting services?

Las Vegas tax preparation is a service that ensures you are accurately filing your tax returns. However, tax consultancy services for businesses provide access to experts who can offer tailored advice for your specific business needs.

Eide Bailly offers a range of tax consultancy services, connecting you to an expert in the field you wish to learn more about. Your consultant can advise on tax planning, research local, state, and federal tax laws, and help you restructure your operations for a lower tax burden.

Enlisting a consultant on a one-time or ongoing basis helps give you an edge on the competition and free up your finances to support critical growth operations.

Can my CPA help me if I have overseas business operations?

International tax law can be complex for any U.S. business. That’s why you need an experienced CPA firm that is well-versed in international taxes and prepared to navigate the complications of operating within the global economy.

The U.S. tax code has different rules for offshore entities owned and operated by U.S. citizens. You must consider how tax codes in other countries can impact your operations. Making a mistake can cause lasting damage to even the most diligent business.

Get in touch with Eide Bailly to connect with a team of international tax experts that support you with tax-efficient structuring, planning for the impact of double taxation treaties, and global mobility planning.

Whether you are assessing the viability of expanding your operations outside America’s borders or looking to streamline an existing international operation, your Eide Bailly accountant in Las Vegas can help.


Las Vegas is internationally famous as the “Entertainment Capital of the World.” This fast-growing city is home to mega casinos, resorts, luxury shopping and fine dining. Not only is it considered a top global tourist destination, it’s also a rapidly growing retirement and family city with nearly 2 million residents within the greater metro area.

Eide Bailly’s Las Vegas team consists of four partners and nearly 30 staff who specialize in individual and business tax, as well as audits of government, dealerships, construction, manufacturing and nonprofits locally, regionally and internationally.


Members of our Las Vegas office are involved in many local charities, community outreach events and programs, including:

  • Local Schools: In promotion of feeling united, we began a yearly art contest with local underprivileged elementary schools in our community. The contest has the 5th grade class illustrate what 4th of July means to them. We select the best piece of art and create a compelling Fourth of July card for our clients and prospects. The student winner is gifted a high-end art basket and the school is provided with a check donation. This process enforces the importance of art within our city and highlights the voice of children.
  • The American Lung Association: The ALA has founded the Las Vegas “Scale the Strat” event in which our office has formed a team to participate. Our office raises funds and challenges themselves with a 108-floor climb to the top of the Stratosphere. Proceeds aid the Lung Cancer Association while promoting a healthy lifestyle in fight for all who are affected by lung disease.

We also schedule two community service days a year, making them bi-annual traditions. In the past, we’ve volunteered at Three Square, which is an organization that provides food to the community, as well as Clean the World Foundation, an organization who promotes access to clean water, proper sanitation, and adequate hygiene. Volunteering continues to prove its impact, not only with individuals in our office, but also the community its serving.

A few other organizations we support include: the American Heart Association, Junior Achievement, Boys and Girls Club and CASA Las Vegas, to name a few. Whether we sit on one of their boards, participate in a fundraiser or assist with our time, the local Las Vegas office stays active with its contributions to the city. We are also a proud president member of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce.