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Improve your business’s financial agility and prepare for tax season properly with an Eide Bailly CPA.

Having a CPA on your side is an invaluable asset—even when it’s not tax season! Lots of people who are searching for accounting in Denver, CO think that having a bookkeeper or doing it yourself is sufficient for their business needs. However, time and experience show that having the help of a certified public accountant can not only protect your business from risk but also help you plan ahead.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at what a CPA is and how a CPA’s skills can help your business thrive.

What is a CPA?

According to Investopedia, a certified public accountant is “… a certification given by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, to individuals who pass the Uniform CPA Examination.” This examination is administered by each state, which gives licensure to CPAs.

Moreover, there are several requirements needed in order to become a CPA. One must have at least 150 semester hours of education behind them, must have worked in public accounting for at least 2 years, and must continue to attain a specific number of hours of yearly education to maintain their status. CPAs are not simply new accounting graduates, but experienced professionals.

CPAs also have legal responsibilities and privileges due to their status. This is somewhat similar to the privileges of a lawyer or other licensed professional. Many accounting and financial services positions have CPA licensure as a requirement. These requirements apply to accountants in Denver, Colorado.

If you choose to become a client, our team of CPAs and advisors is equipped with the tools to manage your financial resources, streamline your cash flow, and construct cutting-edge growth plans to ensure your organization reaches its performance goals.

How Can a Denver CPA Help You?

Having a certified public accountant on hand can greatly help your business. They can guide your business financials and show you how to navigate the ins and outs of everything from taxes to audits and more.

A CPA in the Denver area can assist you with the following:

  • Tax preparation
    This is the most well-known service that CPAs provide. CPAs are experts with tax preparation and can be immensely helpful in lowering your state and federal tax bills.
  • Internal audits and bookkeeping
    A CPA can be hugely helpful in ensuring you have an accurate view of all the business processes in your company. In addition, they can help maintain accurate tracking of your books and transactions on a regular basis.
  • Business valuation and financial planning
    Certified Professional Accountants are experts at helping business owners plan for the future. A CPA’s skills can help you accurately evaluate your business. They can also provide counsel on how to keep your business stable, including cash flow management and investment services.
  • Forensic accounting
    If you need help in tracking down unexplained transactions or in discovering fraud, a Denver CPA is the person you need on your side. Using investigative accounting techniques, a forensic accountant can help you find the source of your loss. As one of the most trusted forensic accounting firms in Denver, we can help you navigate any difficulties that arise.
  • Litigation assistance
    Once you’ve discovered evidence of internal loss or a contract breach, a Denver CPA is the person you need on your side. A trained CPA can work with legal counsel to make sure that you are successful in your litigation efforts. If you are suffering from theft or other bad-faith actors, a CPA is an invaluable member of your courtroom team.

Denver CPA Services Provided by Eide Bailly

Eide Baily has worked with business owners for years. As such, Eide Bailly is among the top accounting firms in Denver, CO. We provide:

Our wide array of services can help any business, large or small, succeed. When choosing from accounting firms in Denver, Eide Bailly should be your first choice! Schedule your consultation to learn more about the services we can offer.

Why Choose Eide Bailly?

There are many different CPA firms in Denver, Colorado you can choose from. However, Eide Bailly stands out because we provide you with start to finish, top to bottom professional accounting services for all aspects of your business. Moreover, Eide Bailly is registered with the Colorado Board of Accountancy and has operated since 1917.

We are one of the top accounting firms in Denver, supporting businesses and high-net-worth individuals in allocating wealth, estate planning, identifying investment opportunities, and saving money on their taxes.

We understand how challenging financial planning can be in an ever-changing environment. Add in navigating complex compliance requirements, and you can quickly feel like you’re in over your head.

Unlike other Denver accounting firms, we go the extra mile to provide specialized solutions to match your needs. We take the time to understand your business so we can meet and exceed your expectations.

At Eide Bailly, we see ourselves as your lifetime partner, not simply a vendor. We can help you start a new business from the ground up and offer you professional support from our team. This enables your business to succeed from the very beginning. Since our team knows your business from all positions, we’ll be able to supply you with the services you need to achieve your long-term business goals. Our emphasis is on long-term partnership at Eide Bailly, not just providing one-off services. With that in mind, Eide Bailly is your Colorado accounting firm of choice.

Eide Bailly is Your Denver CPA Solution

If you’re looking for Denver CPA firms, Eide Bailly is your solution. We never stop in our quest to provide the widest and deepest array of accountancy and professional services to anyone searching for an accountant in Denver, CO.

Contact us if you need any of the above services, or if you simply need a trusted accountant in Denver.

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Be more tax efficient and take advantage of government incentives to avoid leaving money on the table. Take the first step to better financial performance with the Denver accountant that goes the extra mile to understand your vision and business goals.

We are one of the top CPA firms in Denver, Colorado, specializing in supporting our clients in planning for the present and the future. Formulate a new financial structure that streamlines your tax affairs.

Get started by contacting Eide Bailly for a personalized consultation. We start the process by getting to know your business. Your local tax accountant in Denver will learn the ins and outs of your organization to understand your goals.

Our personalized approach to accountancy enables us to produce a higher standard of service, far surpassing other accounting firms in Colorado.

Choose the local accounting firm with a customer-focused mission. Contact Eide Bailly to set up a call at a time convenient to you today.


Choosing between accounting firms in Denver is challenging. With so many options available, how do you know which company offers the best service before you invest?

We believe in empowering our clients to understand the value of hiring a CPA and consultancy team, so here are the answers to the most common questions we receive about Denver CPA firms.

What’s the difference between a CPA and an accountant?

Every CPA is a qualified accountant that can perform functions an ordinary accountant cannot. CPAs are licensed experts that have undertaken a higher degree of education and fulfilled more stringent work requirements.

While accountants can provide many of the same services as a CPA, they cannot offer the advanced, in-depth services that a CPA can.

Qualified CPAs from accounting firms in Denver have a higher standard of expertise because they can carry out highly-specific functions like filing reports to the Securities and Exchange Committee (SEC) and preparing audited financial statements. They can also represent their clients during an IRS audit. 

When does it make sense to hire a CPA for your business?

Accounting firms in Denver can serve a range of financial needs. While many accounting functions, such as filing basic corporate tax returns, can be managed by a standard accountant, CPAs can offer more extensive services to reach your financial goals.

Your CPA can identify growth opportunities, help you set up a more efficient payroll system, organize the implementation of advanced financial software, and analyze future investments.

CPAs are designed for businesses looking to transform how their business manages the numbers and support them in expanding aggressively. If you anticipate a significant change in how you do business, a CPA is essential.

How does a CPA become qualified?

It’s not uncommon for business leaders unfamiliar with the accounting world to question why they should spend more on hiring a CPA firm over a small business accountant. The truth is that CPAs require more extensive training and testing to become fully licensed to provide CPA services.

There are three aspects a prospective CPA must address to acquire their licenses: exam, education, and experience.

To put their advanced education into perspective, ordinary undergraduate degrees award 120 credits, but CPAs must hold a minimum of 150 credits. CPAs must undergo post-graduate courses to achieve these additional credits.

Only after a CPA has fulfilled these requirements can they take an exam in subject areas like contract law, accounting principles, state law, and federal law. CPAs must also prove a minimum of two years of experience in professional tax preparation and/or accounting in many states.

These requirements prove that your CPA possesses theoretical and practical knowledge to serve your organization. Eide Bailly CPAs have reached and exceeded these requirements, making us one of the top CPA firms in the country.

What services does Eide Bailly offer?

At Eide Bailly, we aim to be the singular platform for businesses needing accountancy and advisory services. Beyond basic tax accounting services, Eide Bailly can provide digital technology solutions, forensic accounting, audit management, human resources solutions, personal wealth planning, and more.

When you choose Eide Bailly as your accountancy firm, you gain access to an entire team of experts, all driving in the same direction to meet your financial goals.

Our service packages are individualized for every client, meaning you only pay for the services you need. Talk to our team for more information on some of the functions we can provide.

Do you provide consulting services?

Business consulting provides you access to an expert with a real understanding of various industries. Knowledge is paramount. As one of the top consulting firms in Denver, we have assembled a team of specialists across different business disciplines to provide you with top-rated service.

Some areas we can provide consulting in include investment, data management, accountancy, technology, and human resources. Review our range of consulting services to get a sense of all that we offer.

Accessing tailored consultancy services can equip your business with the support needed to drive change and exceed your financial goals.


Denver, the heart and capital of Colorado, is an American metropolis dating to the Old West era, hosting a plethora of museums. Denver is also a jumping-off point for ski resorts in the nearby Rocky Mountains, while its relatively central location makes it a natural distribution hub for the American west.

Located just east of the mineral-rich Rocky Mountain range that encourages mining and energy companies to spring up in the area, it's an area where technology and telecommunications industries also continue to grow.


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