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Gaining the Right Point of View at the Top: Leadership Transitions

June 10, 2022 | Podcast

Transitioning into a leadership role, especially one in the C-Suite, can come with a host of new challenges and questions for the person advancing. Along with the traditional needs of growing the organization and meeting expectations, leaders now must also ensure they are ready to respond to cultural and political events, while also caring just as much about the well-being of their people as they do the organization. How can leaders lay the foundation to succeed in this new era of leadership?

Vanessa Ruda, Senior Partner at RHR International, joins the EB & Flow podcast to talk about her experience as an executive coach helping with leadership transitions. She explains why leaders must be comfortable with ambiguity, how they can build a complementary team around them, and why having and sharing an authentic point of view on what’s happening in the world is a necessity.

“In this world, particularly with employee turnover, retention issues, all the things that everybody's dealing with across multiple industries, there is real, measurable value to authenticity. Whereas again, in the past you could argue ‘it's amorphous, you can't really measure it, and, you know, maybe it matters, maybe it doesn't.’

There is measurable value, and measurable cost to not being authentic. You think about cancel culture, and it surfaces that you said one thing, but you really said something else in private, and there's a real cost to that. And so the first thing I try and do is really socialize people to the idea that this is not a nice-to-have, this is a have-to-have.”

– Vanessa Ruda, Senior Partner, RHR International

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