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A business podcast providing inspired insight on forward movement in the middle market

How can middle market businesses keep moving forward in an up-and-down business environment while still dealing with the added complexity that growth brings? The EB & Flow Podcast breaks down the little and big things in business when you're swinging between day-to-day details and time for strategy. Hear unique business stories, get answers to your frequently asked—and frequently unasked—questions, and understand business topics that matter to you.

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Podcasting is a powerful tool, and it continues to increase in popularity—close to 104 million Americans listen to podcasts at least every month. Gone are the days when you skimmed through radio stations in search of worthwhile listening. Now, podcasts give you access to everything from educational topics to stand-up comedy. And, yes, business podcasts are available too!

In fact, business podcasts are one of the best online resources for business owners, CFOs and other members of the leadership team. Many experts say it is their favorite way to learn. With good reason—podcasts help industry leaders share pearls of wisdom and professional experience with their colleagues in a real, authentic way.

The ability to multitask while listening to a business podcast is another reason why this medium is so popular. There are new innovations in business every day. However, keeping up with them is difficult. After all, there are only so many hours in a day! Not to mention there are only so many conferences you can fit into your calendar. A good business podcast lets you get on with daily life as you accomplish your learning goals; 60% of podcasts listeners tune in while driving, for instance.


Getting started on the EB & Flow podcast is as easy as clicking play! All our podcast episodes are available to listen to online via our website. Using our web player is simple because you don't need a specific operating system or web browser. Furthermore, you don't have to download a podcast to listen to it. Just scroll through the catalog of episodes to find a topic of interest and start streaming.

If you want to listen to the podcast on the go, however, you also have the option to download the episode. What’s more, each episode comes with a transcript to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Plus, you’ll always have a quick reference for that quote or fact you heard.


Eide Bailly’s business advisors have one goal: positioning your middle market business for success. Our suite of technology, accounting and advisory services are designed with you in mind. We focus on compliance, growth, operational excellence and more to help our clients succeed. What inspires you, inspires us.

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