The Art of Dental Finance and Management

How to Increase Revenues in Your Dental Practice with PPOs

February 10, 2021 | Podcast

Dentists could potentially save tens of thousands of dollars each year just by mastering the complex world of dental insurance. For dentists who are currently contracted with Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) or are thinking about starting to go in-network with PPOs, or want to reduce their dependency on PPOs, there can be a lot of intricacies to navigate. It’s important to learn which PPO plans to participate in and how to maximize insurance reimbursements to increase revenues in your dental practice.

In this episode of The Art of Dental Finance and Management podcast, Art meets with Clint Johnson of Profitable PPOs to help dentists navigate the complex web of dental insurance plans and tells them how to make the best decisions on which PPO plans to participate in. Some considerations for dentists include:

  • Current dental PPO marketplace
  • Strategies dentists can use to maximize and increase PPO fees
  • What to do if fees are being reduced
  • How tiered networks operate
  • How to avoid unknowingly signing up for one PPO plan that is contracted with a dozen or more

Reach out to Art if you have any questions regarding dental finance and management for your dental practice. More information about the Eide Bailly dental team can be found at

Are you looking for other ways to increase profitability in your dental practice? Let’s talk.

Clinton Johnson
Profitable PPOs


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