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Eide Bailly Joins Accounting+ to Advance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Within Accounting

June 13, 2023

Eide Bailly is pleased to announce that it joined the growing coalition committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within accounting through Accounting+, a nationwide campaign to attract a new generation of diverse students into the talent pipeline.

Led by the Center for Audit Quality (CAQ), a nonpartisan public policy organization serving as the voice of U.S. public company auditors, Accounting+ is a first-of-its kind, profession-backed, campaign to actively engage high school and college students with dynamic, tailored resources on the benefits of a career in accounting, including paths to entrepreneurship and to helping build vibrant local communities. The campaign dispels misperceptions about accounting – namely that it is not interesting or a profession that can help them reach their goals. The Accounting+ campaign is based on research that found substantial openness to accounting as a profession.

By joining Accounting+, Eide Bailly commits to be a part of the collective effort to improve diversity in accounting by playing an important role in upskilling communities and working to create a more diverse talent pipeline. To learn more, visit

“We are focused on addressing the diversity gap that exists within accounting. With Accounting+, our goal is to reach the next generation of accounting professionals and ensure that students can see themselves within this exciting, high-demand field.”

- Liz Barentzen, Vice President Talent Initiatives | CAQ
“We are proud to join Accounting+ as an official partner in an effort to provide diverse groups of students the knowledge and skills they need to pursue accounting careers. As a profession, we are focused on collectively increasing diversity in the talent pipeline and the pipeline overall. We all play an important role in creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace for the next generation of accounting leaders.”

- Jeremy Hauk, Managing Partner and CEO | Eide Bailly

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