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Janeen Hathcock Named to GASB Practice Fellow Program

January 14, 2020

Janeen Hathcock, senior manager at Eide Bailly, a regional business advisory and accounting firm, has been named a fellow in the Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Fellow Program.

The GASB Practice Fellow Program is an opportunity for highly skilled managers, senior managers, or director level public accountants to actively participate in the process of setting the financial accounting standards at the highest level of our profession. While part of the two-year program, Hathcock will act as a project manager working as part of a project team, researching problems and analyzing comments from government report preparers, auditors, and financial statement users that form the GASB’s stakeholders. She will be making recommendations to GASB on technical issues, developing and drafting accounting standards, and leading discussions at GASB meetings and the Governmental Accounting Standards Advisory Council.

“I’m honored and excited to be named a GASB Practice Fellow,” said Hathcock. “I’ll have an incredible opportunity to broaden my knowledge of accounting and financial reporting and further develop many skills that will help me both professionally and personally. I look forward to what these two years will bring.”

“We are excited at Eide Bailly to have one of our industry leaders as part of the standards-setting process,” said Jodi Daugherty, partner-in-charge of the government industry at Eide Bailly. “When Janeen returns, our industry practice will greatly benefit from her thought leadership. For our staff and our clients, Janeen will be a leader in our industry into the future.”

Lindsay Gast, Marketing Manager

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