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Eide Bailly Adds 13 to Partnership

June 04, 2018

FARGO, N.D. — On May 1, 13 staff members were accepted into the partnership of Eide Bailly LLP, a regional certified public accounting and business advisory firm.

“This incoming group of partners and principals demonstrates the traits we want in our next generation of leaders,” said Dave Stende, Eide Bailly managing partner/CEO. “They have proven their dedication to client service and willingness to take an innovative approach to solving problems. I look forward to seeing their continued growth and accomplishments as partners of the firm.”

The partners/principals are:

Kristin Diggs, partner, provides a full range of public accounting services to a wide variety of clients, including those in the governmental and nonprofit industries, as well as higher education institutions. Kristin also plays an active role in the audits of federal awards in both the governmental and nonprofit sectors. She has extensive experience in the governmental and higher education industries and often speaks and trains on government and single audit topics.

Jim Donovan, partner, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Donovan helps our clients take advantage of federal and state research and development tax incentives, which can include additional deductions and tax credits for activities many businesses simply consider a necessity to remain competitive in today's market. He has more than 17 years of tax consulting experience providing R&D tax incentives to a variety of industries, comprising of chemical, food, plastics, medical device and equipment manufacturing, technology, software, engineering, construction, and life sciences.

Brittany Dunn, partner, Fargo, North Dakota
Dunn helps our clients understand how tax law impacts their business and assists them with planning to ensure their tax burden is no larger than required. She leads clients through the tax consequences of their start-up all the way to succession planning of their business, and every step in-between. She provides income tax planning and compliance services to a variety of clients including multi-state dealerships, retail businesses, manufacturers and individuals.

Anders Erickson, principal, Boise, Idaho
Erickson leads the Eide Bailly cybersecurity services team, helping clients understand their cybersecurity risks and creating a plan for remediating weaknesses and managing ongoing risks. He assists clients in establishing a culture of security within their organization and leads them through the process of identifying their cybersecurity risks and creating practical solutions to help manage and mitigate those risks.

Ryan Havick, principal, Fargo, North Dakota
Havick works on behalf of state insurance departments in performing financial and market conduct examinations of insurance companies, something he's done more than 100 times during his career. He also helps clients with their accreditation, compliance and best practices needs.

Shane Husar, partner, Fargo, North Dakota
Husar helps our financial institution clients achieve their strategic business goals through his knowledge of the current regulatory environment and accounting requirements. He leads audit engagements for financial institutions with sizes ranging from $10 million to $8 billion in assets, as well as a variety of other services including internal audits, trust examinations, directors' exams, and loan file reviews.

Jeremy Jennings, partner, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Jennings specializes in providing business valuation services for estate and gift tax purposes, litigation, management planning and purchasing and selling businesses. He also provides economic damage calculations for business litigation and personal injury litigation. He has more than 15 years of experience providing a broad range of services including assurance, tax compliance, tax planning and consulting for individuals, businesses, nonprofits and retirement plans.

Deb Nelson, partner, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Deb specializes in working with tax-exempt organizations to address a wide range of tax issues, including those that may threaten an organization's exempt status or result in unexpected penalties. She guides organizations through tax compliance and helps them to understand the impact of tax law changes.

Jordan Salo, partner, Boise, Idaho
Jordan helps clients reach their goals through strategic business and tax planning. He works with clients to understand their individual needs and aids them in navigating today's complex economic and tax environments. Jordan provides full-cycle business tax solutions focused on closely held companies.  His practice encompasses planning and compliance from entity formation through final business transition, coupled with personal tax consulting each step of the way.

Cindy Spence, partner, Las Vegas, Nevada
Spence assists high net worth individuals and small businesses with tax, estate and financial planning issues. She prides herself in being accessible to the client and getting to the right answer for the client's needs. She has more than 30 years of experience in tax preparation and planning.

Rachael Thomsen, partner, Reno, Nevado
Thomsen works with clients to help them meet their financial reporting requirements. She offers solutions and expertise related to employee benefit plan compliance and financial reporting for businesses in a variety of industries including construction and distribution. She oversees all limited scope and full scope employee benefit plan audits for the Eide Bailly Reno and Las Vegas offices.

Travis VanDyke, partner, Fargo, North Dakota
VanDyke specializes in the agricultural industry. He provides tax compliance for businesses and individuals, tax planning strategies, financial statement preparation, farm service agency assistance and farm transition and succession planning.

Tracey Welcher, partner, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Welcher performs financial audits with a specialty in rural telecommunications, including ILECs, long distance companies, CLECs, cellular, cable and wireless. Tracey also provides accounting support, regulatory reporting and consulting services. She has more than 22 years of experience in the telecommunications industry.

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