Tax Debt Relief: A Case Study

Case Study

How we reduced one client’s tax debt from $1.7 million to $49,728

When *Bill’s business started to struggle, he had hard decisions to make—like whether he should pay the IRS or pay his employees and his operating expenses. What Bill didn’t know when he shut the doors to his business and headed into retirement is that a tax liability can almost double with penalties and interest over the course of ten years. And that’s how Bill, at 70 years old with ailing health and living on social security, found himself owing the IRS $1.7 million.

When the IRS started garnishing Bill’s income, he wasn’t able to pay his bills and medical expenses each month. The IRS demanded that Bill liquidate his assets, but Bill didn’t have the assets to satisfy a debt of $1.7 million.

Bill hired another CPA to try to resolve the debt with two offers-in-compromise, but the IRS still wanted $400,000 to settle the debt, and that was $400,000 more than Bill had to offer.

When Bill came to the Eide Bailly IRS Dispute Resolution and Collection team, he was wary that we would be able to find a workable solution. Within nine months, we were able to stop the IRS’s demands for liquidation of assets, end the garnishment on his Social Security Income, and negotiate a Partial Payment Installment Agreement of $592 per month.

Instead of paying back $400,000, Bill will only pay $49,728 of his $1.7 million liability.

Here's How We Did It:

  1. A comprehensive financial analysis of Bill’s assets, equity, income and expenses to determine his ability or inability to pay the back taxes.
  2. Presenting Bill with his payment options and choosing the best course of action to resolve the debt. In Bill’s case, the best option was to submit an offer in compromise.
  3. Advocating and negotiating with the IRS on Bill’s behalf until the IRS accepted Bill’s offer to settle his debt.

How Eide Bailly Can Help You
If you find yourself in the same situation as Bill, we can help you. The Eide Bailly IRS Dispute Resolutions and Collection Team offers a free initial consultation, which provides:

  • A comprehensive assessment of where you are in the collections process.
  • An outline of available options.
  • A path to resolution that is best for your situation.

From simple fixes to complex audit appeals representation, our experienced team offers answers, solutions, and peace of mind.

*Name has been changed.

Our strategic approach to your IRS collection issues ensures you no longer lose sleep over taxes owed. Trade your worry for peace of mind.


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  • Partial Payment Installment Agreement reducing tax burden from $1.7 million to $49,728