How Accounting Software Helped Transform This Client’s Business

Case Study

Stanworth Consultants, located in California, is an agronomy corporation that offers a complete in-house agronomic testing laboratory to serve the agricultural community by offering agronomic reports for nutrient management. Their team of board-certified agronomists, soil scientists and entomologists performs soil and plant analysis to provide systematic planning of water and fertilizer needs to promote maximum efficiency for clients all over the globe.

Several years ago, Stanworth’s process of inputting data into traditional desktop accounting software, keeping a paper trail of invoices and writing paper checks was quickly becoming a headache. One of their biggest pain-points was billing; they were manually copying dozens of detailed invoices from their custom billing system into their accounting software to be sent to customers. Stanworth’s growth started to outpace their outdated accounting processes, and they were ready to make a change to a digital, easily accessible and automated system, so they called us.

Eide Bailly was able to offer a hands-on migration and implementation of cloud accounting software that gave the owner and employees online access to financial data anytime and anywhere. The owner is now able to pay bills, approve accounts receivable and manage payroll while working remotely and consulting in the Middle East and Eastern Africa.

Eide Bailly also helped Stanworth implement a new process that imports the pertinent receivable data fields and multiple invoices lines from the billing software into their accounting package, all with just a few mouse clicks. Stanworth’s in-house bookkeeper estimates that this saves her an hour or two every day from manually entering receivables. And saving her even one hour per day adds up to 260 hours per year!


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