House Committee advances Bills affecting Health Coverage

September 21, 2022

The House Ways and Means Committee on September 21st held a markup on several bills that focus on health coverage; all passed the panel on a bipartisan basis.

“Markup” is a term used on Capitol Hill to describe a public meeting where committee members debate and amend pieces of legislation.

During today’s markup, the committee discussed 14 pieces of legislation. For some bills, the Internal Revenue Code was amended, but those changes did not modify tax rates.

The non-tax changes include:

  • Requiring Coverage of Forensic Medical Exams with No Cost Sharing: The bill broadens what constitutes a forensic medical exam and allows such exams to qualify for Health Savings Accounts.
  • Improving Information in Provider Directories, Plan Definitions, and Crisis Services for Private Insurance Plans: The legislation amends how provider information is released so taxpayers can see if a provider accepts their insurance plan and if they are accepting patients.
  • Improving Information for Network Coverage and Plan Documents in Private Insurance Plans: The legislation would require insurance providers to expand information on mental health insurance coverage to clients.

Legislative details on all bills marked up by the committee can be found here. (The committee approved all the bills listed on this webpage.)

Moving forward, it is not clear when the full House chamber will vote on these measures. The House is expected to adjourn for the election later this month, which means that floor action on these bills is more likely to occur if lawmakers return to Washington, D.C. after the elections.

Assuming passage in the House, these measures still need approval from the Senate. It is not clear if these measures will grab Senators’ attention before year-end.

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