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October 25, 2022

IRS aims to eliminate 'line-cutting' on Practitioner Priority Service - Accounting Today, Michael Cohn ($):

The move aims to block third-party companies from using autodialers and robocalling technology to help tax pros reach the IRS, which has been more of a challenge in recent years, even though the PPS line is supposed to help them reach the agency more easily than regular taxpayers.

The National Taxpayer Advocate's annual report to Congress found that the percentage of calls answered on the PPS line declined from 78.3% in fiscal year 2019 to 28.0% in FY 2021, with the average time to answer a call nearly doubling from 8.8 minutes to 16.1 minutes over that same period. Still, that was better than the level of service for regular taxpayers... Many taxpayers have complained they were unable to get through at all.

TIGTA Tees Up Hot-Button Issues for Review in 2023 -  Tax Notes, Jonathan Curry ($):

Resolution of the audit-targeting scandal involving former FBI officials, oversight of the IRS’s $80 billion spending decisions, and workplace safety for IRS employees are among the issues lined up for review by Treasury’s inspector general.

TIGTA’s other plans promise scrutiny of the various tax provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA, P.L. 117-169), including a pair of audits examining the implementation of the law’s newly enacted residential clean energy credits and evaluating the IRS’s procedures for processing claims for clean vehicle credits, as well as audits to evaluate how well the agency can vet claims for the advanced manufacturing production credit or the expanded research credit for small businesses.

Tax Crime Roundup: IRS Employees Charged With COVID Fraud - Tax Notes, Mary Katherine Browne ($):

Five current and former IRS employees allegedly defrauded pandemic relief programs and used their ill-gotten gains to procure cars, manicures, Gucci products, and trips to Las Vegas, according to the government.

According to the government, all five individuals sent fraudulent applications for the Paycheck Protection Program, Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program, and the federal stimulus programs, which were part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act. Collectively, they obtained $402,078 from the programs.

Little Clarity on Corporate AMT Expected in 2022 - Tax Notes, Nathan J. Richman ($): 

Taxpayers looking for clarity about how to apply the new corporate alternative minimum tax will probably have to wait until at least 2023 for any guidance, according to tax professionals.

Reminder: Service providers, others may receive 1099-Ks for sales over $600 in early 2023

IR-2022-189, October 24, 2022 — The Internal Revenue Service reminds taxpayers earning income from selling goods and/or providing services that they may receive Form 1099-K, Payment Card and Third-Party Network Transactions, for payment card transactions and third-party payment network transactions of more than $600 for the year.


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