Blogging Resumes!

December 1, 2019

Welcome to the new Eide Bailly Tax News & Views Blog!

Tax is hard. It moves fast. It doesn't fit very well in 280 characters. That's why you should make the Eide Bailly tax blog part of your healthy diet.

Tax News & Views will help you stay informed with what's happening in the tax world. Whether it's a new tax law tacked on to a spending bill, a new court case that reminds us of venerable tax lessons, or a surprising approach by states to tax non-residents, it's fair game. We will cover tax issues impacting middle-market, closely-held businesses and their owners, as well as how tax affects your nonprofit or government entity.

Eide Bailly also shares more in-depth resources on our “Insights" page. Take a look for in depth conversation on how tax issues are impacting your organization, current issues you need to consider and areas to focus on in your business.

Our blog posts will also appear on Eide Bailly’s social channels whether Twitter or LinkedIn. Subscribe below, so you don’t miss out on trending tax topics.

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