Why Your ERP is Your Business's MVP


No offense to your team or anything, but I’m here to make a bold statement: Your organization’s most valuable player is your business’s ERP solution.

Now, I don’t mean to say that your technology can replace your team. Every good business starts with good people. But then, you need to give them good tools to do their jobs.

Consider the man hours it would take to complete the tasks your system processes day in and day out. Rain or shine. Weekday or holiday. I would challenge any employer to find a higher contributor to your business’ success than your ERP.

Still need convincing? Consider this.

The Value of a Good ERP Solution

  1. Your business management solution shows up for work every – single – day. Outside of the occasional maintenance downtime and wellness checks (you do those, right?), it never takes a sick day. Once integrated into your business, your ERP is there for you, always.
  2. It knows, understands, and connects your business. You don’t need a translator to dig into your reports or a tour guide to coordinate your back office. Your business system speaks your business’s language. It delivers timely, valuable information to your leadership team so you can take action, back by data that actually helps.
  3. It’s flexible and grows with you. Just like that high performing employee that started out in an entry-level position and worked their way up to management, your cloud ERP scales with your business’s evolving needs, taking on new responsibilities and working across departments.
  4. Oh yes, and it plays well with others. Other teams, other tools. Your business management software knows it can’t do everything for everyone or be the best at everything all the time – and that’s okay because it has developed a strong network of add-on tools to fill any functionality gaps.

Sometimes it takes humanizing an inanimate product like your ERP to truly appreciate the value it delivers. When reviewing your business tools, it’s easy to forget their impact and how much your team depends on them to do their jobs every day – and do it well. Anyone who has ever suffered through a day of computer issues can relate to how heavily today’s businesses rely and depend on technology to operate.

That’s why I am here to proclaim that, in today’s technology-driven world, your organization’s most valuable employee should be your business management solution. And if this doesn’t sound like your ERP, it’s a clear sign that you’ve outgrown your current software.

A Good Rule of Thumb?

   If your business system was an employee, would you promote it or put it on a performance plan?

Recognize the warning signs and determine how to foster an environment that puts your tools back at top performance. Maybe it’s a little extra development with your current system, or maybe it’s a whole new solution implementation – but making your technology work for your business and not the other way around is just good business. After all, what good is a tool that isn’t providing value for your bottom-line and keeping your team happy?

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