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Health Care Speaking Topics

March 21, 2018

Eide Bailly has more than 200 health care professionals with in-depth expertise and real-world industry experience. We speak at national, regional and local conferences, and are available to speak at your organization’s next meeting or special event.

Current topics include, but are not limited to:

Business Intelligence
Business intelligence transforms operational data into actionable information, which can help facilitate intelligent front line process improvements. We explain how existing data from your current systems can be more fully utilized and correlated with other system data. 


Accountable Care Organizations
Whether you are in an ACO or not, there are a number of things you should be working on. We discuss our learnings from working with facilities across the country and talk about strategies to position yourself for potential future value-based purchasing options.


Strategic Planning for Community Hospitals
If your organization is getting by without a strategic plan, chances are that all you’re doing is getting by. We reveal the benefits of completing a forward-thinking strategic plan and introduce key processes and components. 


Revenue Cycle Trends and Issues
Is your organization straining to stay ahead of patient billing? With the complexity of billing rules in the hospital, provider based clinic and rural health clinic setting, it is important to maintain a steady stream of income for your hospital. This session will discuss obstacles that your organization may see within your health care revenue cycle and ways to help you improve the process.


Operational Opportunities
Operating a health care organization is a challenging endeavor. Reimbursement challenges and the introduction of new technologies are forcing providers to reconsider how they run their organizations. We discuss key trends and opportunities in the industry to assist providers in initiating operational change in their organization.


Cybersecurity for Health Care Providers
Spending millions on the latest technologies to not become the next organization in the news is a common, but insufficient, tact. We discuss how to establish a culture of security at your institution for a comprehensive and resilient solution to the cyber threat landscape.


340B Compliance 
Understand the complex regulations of the 340B Drug Pricing Program and how to ensure your organization is in the best position to demonstrate compliance.


The Risk Environment for Today’s Health Care Organization
For many health care organizations, managing the many potential areas of compliance and regulatory risk can be challenging. We review the top issues facing health systems, identify the best ways to manage risk in these areas, and share best practices for developing focused risk and internal audit plans.


Audit and Accounting Updates
Health care entities and government organizations are not immune to accounting changes, with new standards impacting revenue recognition, fair value measurement, lease accounting, and not for profit reporting. We analyze the impacts that these changes will have on your organization, as well as some potentially unintended effects, both positive and negative.

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