Private Foundation Planning


Proper planning can set your private foundation up for success.

Are you interested in establishing a private foundation as a giving vehicle for your family now and in the future? Do you know what you want to accomplish with your foundation beyond making grants? Are you aware that the benefit of donor and family control of the assets and activities comes with rules on transactions the foundation can engage in?

With adequate planning, nonprofit professionals can help you structure your foundation to achieve your dreams while avoiding any costly excise taxes. They’ll help you understand the complexities of private foundations and ensure that there is a solid framework for your foundation to achieve organizational effectiveness for years to come.  

Eide Bailly's nonprofit team works with more than 350 private foundations of all sizes and types, providing guidance on issues that impact them the most. Our firm's National Tax Office, international tax, wealth management and financial services professionals are here to address your issues, support your investments and help you achieve your giving goals.

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Deb Nelson

Partner-in-Charge of Nonprofit


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