Operational Analysis & Assessment


Be sure every decision moves your business forward.

Seemingly small operational decisions can have a big impact on your business. Whether you're looking to improve  profitability, cash flow management, facility and material layout or flow, inventory management, or some other aspect of your operation, you could benefit from an operational assessment.


We can help you assess all facets of operations, or zero in on an area of concern, such as:

- Organizational structure

- Equipment utilization

- Staffing models

- Process improvement

- Lean manufacturing

Though we have extensive experience working with manufacturing & distribution companies across the country, we know that each one requires a unique and careful review. We'll apply industry best practices to our work with you, while also considering your own circumstances, goals, and requirements.

What inspires you, inspires us. Let’s talk.


Dave P. Glennon

Partner In-Charge of Manufacturing and Distribution


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