The right resources and knowledge can help strengthen your business.

The insurance industry is complex and highly regulated, requiring knowledgeable professionals. You deserve to work with accountants and business advisors who truly understand your organization, how you market and produce business, in addition to the state regulations you face.


When engaging an accounting firm to provide audit, tax and business advisory services, you should look for professionals who have experience with both statutory and GAAP accounting. These professionals should also know the ins and outs of reinsurance, actuaries and loss reserving, and investments, in addition to confidently being able to guide you through regulatory requirements.

We've worked with insurance companies for more than 60 years, and our team is knowledgeable and experienced with the unique aspects of auditing an insurance company. We focus on providing value beyond traditional assurance services, too. We view these services as an opportunity to help you improve your organization’s financial performance and profitability while strengthening your business and administrative practices.

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Ryan S. Donahue