Internal Audit


Reduce risk and improve operational performance.

Most healthcare entities are replete with risk and traditionally view internal audits as a compliance-driven function. But an internal audit can be a strategic risk management and governance function using the COSO framework. By identifying, assessing and remediating risk, it can help you achieve more efficient processes, reduce risk and spark innovation and efficiency through: 
- Effective financial and operational internal controls
- Improved monitoring of regulations and compliance requirements
- Improved strategic planning 
- Manage risk and create new business opportunities
- Enhanced due diligence for new acquisitions
- Efficient information technology systems implementation
- Decreased employee fraud
- Increased financial/bond ratings

Our internal audit professionals bring strong process, procedure, internal control and risk management experience to your organization. We bridge these skills with specialized insight related to risk and compliance and specific industry knowledge, to help your organization reduce risk and improve operational efficiency.

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