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Inspired to focus on my patients while simultaneously growing and innovating

Promote prosperity in your business, the same way you encourage your patients to have a healthy lifestyle.

Learn more about where your business is and where it’s headed, and set yourself up for success with the right people and more. From dashboards to HR consulting services, we’ve got you covered.

Our professionals understand the importance of having access to the right information when you need to make strategic business decisions. We also understand that hiring the right people and putting the right processes in place to engage and protect your human assets is important to the success of your growing practice. Let us help create dashboards that work for you and best fit your human resource needs.

Data Analytics: Our data analytics services provide you access to the information you need to make real-time and informed decisions. We use the metrics that are important to you to customize a dashboard that best fits your business.

Human Resource Consulting: As your practice grows, you may not have capacity to create employee handbooks and performance processes or adequately hire and onboard employees. Our Human Resource Consulting team is available to help.

What inspires you, inspires us. Let’s talk.


Jenni M. Huotari

Partner-in-Charge of Business Outsourcing & Strategy