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Your real estate assets may have hidden value.

Your building is a key asset and, with any major investment, you want to get the best return. But do you know how you can:

  • Maximize your return?
  • Reduce your taxes and increase your cash flow?
  • Accelerate the depreciation deductions of your building's assets?

Through a cost segregation study, you can accomplish all three of these goals. The study examines the assets of your building and identifies those that can be depreciated over different and faster recovery periods than if they remained classified as residential real property (27.5 years) or nonresidential real property (39 years). For example, some assets can be categorized as land improvements (15 years) or items whose sole purpose is not for the operation and maintenance of the building but for equipment use (5-7 years).

Our cost segregation work is done by a qualified team of cost segregation specialists with extensive construction and tax backgrounds. We complete a thorough site visit, review the building plans, and analyze cost detail for the building to determine what assets can be reclassified to shorter depreciable recovery periods. We'll work closely with you throughout the process to ensure you are getting the greatest benefit.

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Blake Walker

Blake Walker

Director of Cost Segregation