Regulatory Consulting

Inspired to be proactive with compliance, even as regulations change

Your mortgage quality control plan starts with the right blueprint.

A strong quality control plan* is an integral part of the mortgage loan process. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA and other government agencies and secondary market mortgage lenders require quality control programs be established before purchasing loans originated by your institution. Re-verification of identity, credit and financial information, in addition to compliance with consumer laws and regulations and fraud prevention, are essential components for your quality control program. You can make your life easier, your financial institution more profitable and your mortgages more marketable. Imagine the effectiveness of your mortgage origination workflow being streamlined and worry-free. 

Eide Bailly’s quality control professionals conduct a thorough and detailed review of your lending documentation and processes. We ensure that compliance issues are addressed and provide assurance that your financial institution is meeting the specifications of your quality control plan. We provide senior management and your board of directors with an objective and timely assessment of the overall quality of the loan portfolio, which enables them to make better business decisions.

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