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Regulators are increasingly pursuing examinations and enforcement actions with financial institutions.

If your bank is undergoing an informal or formal enforcement action or issues that regulators have expressed interest in that require board attention, we can help you work through the issue and ensure you satisfy the regulator’s expectations. We advise on safety and soundness, consumer compliance and IT, as well as provide advisory consulting to proactively address issues before they come to a regulator’s awareness.

Consider this if

  • Your bank has received a notice of an enforcement action.
  • You want to address issues of potential regulator concern with a trusted third-party.
  • Your board needs assistance in coming to agreement on the best course of action to address regulatory issues.

Key Benefits:

Trusted guidance.
Our professionals are former regulators who understand what regulators are looking for and what they expect from financial institutions. We will help you navigate your relationship with your regulator.

Minimize stress.
An enforcement action is stressful on bank personnel. We provide the insight and expertise to ease your stress and allow you to focus on the business of banking.

Reduce costs.
When internal staff must divert their attention to deal with an enforcement issue or potential one, it cuts down on productivity from daily business operations, which in turn may cost more in the long run. Eide Bailly can lift that burden and create potential cost-savings for your institution’s enforcement resolution.

Our professionals are experienced former regulators who deeply understand the issues that raise regulatory concern, enforcement actions, what regulators expect and want, and how to best interact and relate with them. We also have former senior bank managers and former community bank owners who provide the insight and knowledge to help create a solid working relationship with your regulator that is mutually beneficial. We will work with you and your regulator to create a smooth resolution.

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