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Is your financial institution receiving value from its audit?

Whether or not you are required by law to do so, a financial statement audit or balance sheet audit provides the insight you need to make confident business decisions. You need to know if your allowance for loan losses or other significant estimates are in accordance with GAAP and reasonable to the financial statements as a whole. A full financial statement audit includes an opinion on balance sheets, income statements, statement of comprehensive income, and changes in stockholders’ equity, cash flows, and related footnotes.


An audit doesn't have to be a cumbersome experience for you and your staff. An experienced team of trusted advisors can not only conduct a smooth and timely audit, but also take that information and provide feedback on how to improve your operations.

Our assurance professionals have experience auditing many of the nation’s leading community banks and credit unions. We will work closely with you to streamline the process and provide maximum value to your business. You’ll experience a high level of partner engagement, minimum team turnover year-to-year, and the support you need to make critical business decisions.

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