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Know the plan, so you can live the dream.

You dream of what life will be like when it becomes about more than just work. Having a financial plan can mean the difference between imagining your dream or living it. Comprehensive financial planning is:
    1) Building wealth through a process, not a product.
    2) Holistic in considering how your planning relates to your core values.
    3) Focused on your entire financial life.
    4) Long-range and flexible.

If you aim to build and preserve wealth, it is more than just picking investments. You need to carefully strategize to minimize taxes, while adjusting tactics to align with your personal risk tolerance and changing market climates.

Comprehensive financial planning is at the core of Eide Bailly Financial Services. Our team approach includes professionals with expertise in tax, estate and valuation. We'll work closely with you to define and prioritize your goals, then explore strategies and solutions designed to achieve each goal. This ongoing and flexible process will allow you to move through the seasons of life with peace of mind and confidence you'll achieve your dreams.

What inspires you, inspires us. Let’s talk.


Brad M. Kelley

Principal-in-Charge of Financial Services