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As a dealer you recognize the importance of providing care after the sale to your customer.

Often you’ll offer a free diagnostic check that inspects multiple points of the customer’s vehicle. Eide Bailly can do the same for your dealership operations!

Understanding your dealership as a whole is critical for success. When all parts are operating at peak performance you can feel confident that your dealership will have the competitive edge.

What is a dealership diagnostic?
Annual checkups from your physician keep you in good health, right? Well, the same goes for your dealership. Eide Bailly’s dealership diagnostic test can help to detect problems, points of consideration or areas in which you’re excelling. And while some dealerships think this type of review is being done already, there may be benefits to having a fresh pair of eyes take a proactive approach.

How does it work?

Send us a copy of your factory financial statement, and we’ll provide a free diagnostic check! Our dealership consulting specialists will review your factory financial statement, issue an easy to understand report and set up a personalized meeting to review their findings. Afterward you will gain knowledge and insight on:

  • Possible opportunities improvement
  • Areas where the dealership appears to be implementing best practices
  • An understanding on how you compare to others in the industry
  • Benchmarking suggestions on key metrics of profitability

What are the benefits of a dealership diagnostic?
Diagnostic testing is useful tool when you’re looking to maximize your profitably and operations. Dealers can feel confident that a confidential review will help to uncover minor issues that can lead to big dollar savings, areas if abnormality that may be positive or negative and guidance on how best to prioritize KPI’s that will lead to top performance.

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Bob Holder

Dealership Management Consultant