Affordable Housing

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Planning and knowledge can lead to increased confidence.

Affordable housing is a complex industry. There are a myriad of options regarding acquiring, developing, subdividing, renting and selling affordable housing.

It's important to understand your options, as well as what you need for your specific situation. Careful planning and industry knowledge will allow you to truly understand the benefits and disadvantages of possible scenarios you may face.

Each transaction is unique, and it's understandable for there to be confusion. That's where professional knowledge and experience comes in.

Eide Bailly understands the affordable housing industry. Our professionals can provide you with a number of consulting services, including financial forecasts, feasibility studies, review or lending and financing, explaining tax ramifications and more.


More than just giving you the answers, we want you to understand the options you have with each of your affordable housing projects. This allows you to make the best possible arrangements for your specific situation.

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Shannon N. Breuer

Partner-in-Charge of Affordable Housing